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  "Thank you Friends, New Friends, Callers, Emailers, Clinic and Material recipients, along with inquisitive minds, for your participation in this site and allowing me to be a small part of your football experience!  If you'd like to share your DW with me or this site, you can put me on Your HUDL account, or email us some info on you and your team".  
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 The Double Wing / Gun-Wing we refer to on this site is NOT the Wing-T, the Flexbone, or any other of the traditional schemes out there, but is a pretty rare and a completely unique offensive system, with it's own distinctive DNA, and built in modus operandi. LH *



          -------"Consistent Winning....Not by chance, but by a FORMULA"--------


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              THE DOUBLE WING & GUN-WING *                **--------------- A NEW FOOTBALL SCIENCE ----------------        *             WHEN WINNING IS IMPORTANT  ZZZZZZZZZZZZ(Before the 5 star athletes show up)

*An amazing Offense, that if coached up, can transform average athletes into competitors and winners

       ** R A R E and possibly FIRST in High School Football in America !           ***2018   2 Gun-Wing teams (undefeated) clash in 3rd Round Alabama AA*

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Paul Benefield  Fyffe High (AL)

4 Time State Champion in the Last 6 Years


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  B O O M ! zz2019  *                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          *    * 2021 Fyffe graduates a bunch of key  *players. Can the new Fyffe starters *handle the high expectations of the *past 7 years. Benefield's new young  *warriors pulled a 9-2 campaign this *year, so be on the look out for these *guys with a year of maturity in 2022.




*Big Trophies, Gun-Wing (Fyffe) WINS zz5th State Title in 7 Years

  In a world where high school coaches are clambering Clinics to get the latest trendy college and pro offenses and flash, to show their big time coaching prowess, Paul Benefield continues to stack trophies in the Fyffe showcase beating them profusely, running the Gun-Wing version of the Double-Wing and continually beating up on, many times, bigger faster talent.    

    *                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          *


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 Paul Benefield of Fyffe (AL), and Jason Mensing, Whiteford (MI)

 Fyffe 2014, 2016, 2018, 2019   &   Whiteford  2017 State Champs

 *  Also shouts to: Tim Murphy (Clayton Valley CA), and Scott Martin (Ohatchee AL) *    



  Jason Mensing Whiteford (MI)

State Champ 2017


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   Coach Harrison's Double Wing Offense was the most productive offense in All Classifications in the State of Georgia with over 5,000  yards in 13 games! This immediately after taking over a 2-8 team.  It's True! It's also true it was atop the following several years as well, averaging over 4,700 yards of offense in each of  those (12 game) seasons. Harrison's Double wing offenses have averaged over 35 points per game as well.





******Why embrace, and run the Double Wing Offense.

                                C L I C K   H E R E                             

   "A way to Compete and Win when matching up is not an option"

   An amazing Offense, unlike others, it does not rely on holding. (that's cheating ya know?)  *In an era where coaches are teaching and relying on holding as part of the blocking scheme, as well as how to hide it, It's great to know a powerful offense that is far more effective, even with less talent, without the dirty deeds!





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  Two and a Half hour barrage of the above DW action available on video*discs including the 2004 record setting #1 offense in Georgia!  See Contact Page  


                                " Don't be afraid to be different "

        Winning is not a usual thing, and winning is not a likely thing, and winning is not even the normal thing. To win, One must have unusual talents and physical gifts, or One must have an Unusual work ethic in carrying out an unusually good Plan. If you have both, you are surely destined to win, but that combo is very unusual in itself. Without the unusual talent and gifts, that leaves one with being among the many and merely taking what you can get, or letting the chips fall where they may....OR taking unusual measures and excepting nothing less than being the very best one can be. Today, the instrument of my  "Taking the unusual measures" is the offense I have chosen, that has proven itself time and time again to be the unusually effective plan. This plan makes for the rare and unusual to become a real possibility. The Double Wing  / Gun Wing can be very effective, in a good coach's hands in having unusually good outcomes, and having groups over achieve . Coach H



                                                             THE DOUBLE WING                 ***              

                     THE GUN-WING

                           The Double Wing, and Gun-Wing

         "Defensive Coordinator's Best Friend"


Coach's short Double Wing YouTube Videos have well over 300,000 views! Now that is a lot of Double Wing Curiosity! But those are a small capsule of the two and a half hours on disc, spanning 5 years, running the Pure Double Wing. Email us about the 5 Double Wing discs, all on the contact page of this site.

          " Winning isn't everything, but losing gets you relocated " LH

     A Winning Football Team Begets School Spirit & Enthusiasm                  ****************It also festers a source of pride throughout the student body and bleeds into other activities.
    W I N N I N G

   There is power in WINNING


                  Pretty Nice looking field


  When a team hasn't been successful in decades or ever, and suddenly starts winning and winning big, School enrollment sky-rockets, A lot of interest and support starts coming out of the woodwork to volunteer their help in many ways, OH YES, and your football field starts to look like a Division 1 College Field! And the stands become filled like the picture below with standing room only around the field. Not to mention,

 ..................................." It's just more fun "

  Yes, We were very small, like Piranha !  
  DOUBLE WING GUN-WING ?  Pick Your Wrecking Ball

Coach Harrison on the Double Wing and Gun-Wing:  Seeing a Double Wing / Gun-Wing offense is a pretty rare experience for our numbers are few being the trendy spread-em out systems are now the fevered rage. When you do, you tend to notice something a little different about it.  My coaching philosophy begins with a football truth, which is: deficits in talent, size, and speed show up more obviously when you are on Defense than on Offense. On Defense, any or all of your weaknesses can be exposed and you simply can't scheme your way out of them. For instance the opponent having several 4.4 speedsters VS your fastest man of 4.9, or the twin 6'6" receivers that can catch and run VS your 5'7" corner that is only fair at both, or the 6'5" 280 lb. linemen that can play VS your 185 pounders that are fair at best.. All the heart and desire in the world can only make up for just so much! So you have to scheme to put your kids in a better position. You will always be more exposed on Defense than on Offense. Therefore, controlling most of the game on offense is your only chance to compete with said deficits. Well the best way to control the game is to keep the ball. To keep the ball, you have to have a method of collecting first downs, maintain possessions, and score when you can, while eating the clock, so as to limit the possessions of the stronger or more talented team. This keeps you in the game, which ultimately can give you a chance to beat the big boys. The offense I run does just that, and better than any other scheme, including the Flexbone, and without the complex reading and the ball handling risk. It also has the capacity to run up massive yardage and scores if the talent is fairly close. It's not as flashy and prissy pass pretty as the new spreads but if your priority is winning over the aesthetics, this is the best answer I can give, by far.    I do, however, find it wonderfully flashy when I'm beating a team I have no business playing with on a talent level.   Let us all agree, Nothing beats really good athletes and  really good athletes make very average coaches look really good many times. In lieu of having really good players all the time, or even some of the time, You can however make up for a lot by extensive coaching and perfecting schemes that accentuate the talent you do have. As a High School Head Coach, I AVERAGED just under 390 yards and over 35 points per game with my Double Wing Offense. That is with teams that before were having a hard time making a first down much less winning a game. There has been so much said and written about the "Double Wing Offense"  and I've probably read and heard most of it!  What I say about it is first hand, and is backed by others achieving the same and far more than I have.

There is not a better example of this great offensive system and it prowess than Paul Benefield and the Fyffe Red Devils in Alabama. His record to date is 87-4 since he installed the Gun-Wing. Now Benefield was a really good coach before, but since the Gun-Wing, he has posted a ridiculous 87-4. One day he may figure this football thing out. Ya think? ;-)

* What is this Offense?  FIRST OFF it is an offensive System and philosophy and not merely football's beloved double wing  or Single Wing formations, which many offenses line up in from time to time...NO, it's a complete system....  ***In it's beginning, A California Policeman turned football coach named Don Markham developed an offensive system, whether by accident or just in his own words that I seem to recall, "looking for a good power play", in the late 80's and early 90's. Coach Markham found himself coaching in the largest classification in California High Schools at Bloomington, where in 1994, Don took a 1993, 1-9 Bloomington team, and in 1994, just 8 months later, went undefeated and set the national all time scoring record of 880 points in 14 games. 63 points per game I think it works out to be. However, that is not how I discovered it. I was working on my offense one day and on "goal-line" work, I noticed my team really responding to a tighter scheme and a harder nosed approach to our Goal line offense and so I thought, "hmmm", hey, Why not run goal-line all over the field?  As I investigated that Idea further, I was looking around on the net one day at various things and tripped up on this double wing stuff. My first thought was like so many other's, "NO WAY". I made a phone call or two and grilled a few coaches and had them send me some info. After watching film and some clinic footage, I knew very quickly that this was going to be my offense, being that it fit my football philosophy to the letter. After implementing it and running it in a game as a trial, I thought I may never run anything else and that happens to be the case 19 years later. I then began really working and studying this new science, and tweaking this thing to the point that many things are fairly unique to the way I approach it. Thus due to some YouTube videos I've posted, along with the success I've had, I find myself  being called on to clinic, and be a sounding board of sorts on this particular offense for many coaches all over the country. So I have, and will do clinics from time to time.

** Before the Double Wing, I had been a very successful coach with my old schemes but recognized that this new offense was going to boost my offense's reliability, and productivity because this thing was doing what I'd been doing for years, only better and with less risk. I realized too, that it would be very dependent on good and rigorous coaching, which was my gig anyway.     I've always coached as if my hair was on fire, so this hit me right in my wheelhouse. The DW offense, coached up, squeezes the most out of your talent. The beauty of this Double wing or the "Gun Wing", is that it relies more on a total TEAM concept,  precision, desire, and hard work, than it does actual God given physical gifts and skills. But like anything, the more skills you have the better it will be. When you have a group that is low in skills, speed, or even experience, you can still be competitive in the double Wing by it's low risk, hard nosed Team oriented design to keep the ball and move the chains and make the game shorter. What the Double Wing allows you to do is to replace the talent gap with hard nosed effort and execution, and less vulnerability to make up the difference. You can't do that in other offenses of today spreading your talent thin and in space. The better players will beat up on the lesser talented kid in space every time, to the point at times of being dangerous. Space gives the advantage to the faster more athletic team. So many times my opponents over the years have had these very strong explosive teams with great speed and talent and we just kept the ball with 8 to 10 minute drives, limiting their opportunities to exploit our weaknesses while on Defense, Meanwhile, making every possession by the opponent critical. This is a big advantage of the Double wing. The bonuses are that you DO produce big plays and score BIG as a trade off for maybe looking a little different, when everyone else in the league is spread all over the field. This offense is for those who puts winning above fashion and popularity of the "Television football educated". My relentless desire to win has always been what governs my decisions as a coach, and not the flavor of the month or coaching trends of the entertainment world. The "Double Wing" or "Gun Wing", in my opinion, are far more intriguing and interesting than those trendy, and loose offenses anyway, with it's consistent output and execution and game control!  Being a series and sequence offense, it also makes play calling a premium art as well.

** With all that is different about my offense, some may scoff, some coaches may take a pass on it, but the one group that I find that takes my offense very seriously are the coaches facing it, or that have faced it. The one thing I know for sure after running this for well over a decade and a half, is that coaches hate playing it, and defenses hate playing it, and what is better than that for confirmation. No matter what the outcome, when a team leaves the field after playing my double wing, they usually  have had enough, are beat up, know they have been in a war, and probably rather not do it again. It's just another day on the grid iron for us, but it is physically brutal, draining, and frustrating for defenses to deal with.

** After years of running and tweaking the DW, I have implemented something I'd been contemplating since 2005, when my starting QB broke his arm. That would be the direct snap Double Wing. I have discovered that it gives you a few different and favorable options and angles in some areas, and if coached up, can be as powerful as the the regular DW. There is very little scheme difference, but one huge bonus outside the X's and O's, is that with the direct snap, it gives an illusion of being similar to what you see on Saturdays and Sunday Television Football. It is simply the shot-gun version of the double wing! It immediately knocks down criticism from the uneducated armchair viewers seeing the Double Wing as maybe old school, and not modern, So it's a win win in that way. I call it the GUN-WING for it's appropriate. The Gun Wing though be it fantastic, does however have some drawbacks from the original Double Wing. It attacks somewhat slower, and It takes a few very trustworthy plays out of the play arsenal as it was once run, as well as not hiding the ball quite as well. That is a bit to give up when you're out-manned. Those are the type of tradeoffs you have to make in going GUN WING. However there are a few things you pick up with the Gun-Wing such as hitting the holes more vertically, cleaner pulling tracks, and a few play additions that the pure double wing would not do as well.  You can also feature a Tailback type kid and feed the horse so to speak, and also run the QB as an equal to the RB. There are several teams around the country that make a compelling case for the Gun-Wing and If I get a team with really solid kids with some talent and desire, I would consider Gun Wing full on.

                                   See contact page if you would like to order Double Wing Game footage CD's.

** So in wrapping up this bit on The Double Wing and Gun-Wing Offense, I'll just say for those very few who have the inclination to go a bit unique and run this "Wing Thing", I salute you and "I Understand", for you are a coach that gets the wisdom, the soundness, and the brilliance that is the DW.  For those who think it's simply not for you, to that I say, "I also Understand". This Thing is not for everyone, and definitely not for the "try it and hope" coaches. It takes someone who can think and operate with sound conviction, within the DW philosophy and structure, as well as implement it properly. All without selling it out to a hybrid interpretation of it.  A coach also must  have a really good knowledge of the DW finer points, to work it, and to experience it's full value.  "It has certainly served me and my philosophy very well, and it is by far the biggest part of my winning formula these days"!

"PS": I've had to play the Double Wing a few times myself.......Not Fun, Not Fun at all. I'd rather have to defend anything else, quite honestly!  LH

                                       DOUBLE WING / GUN-WING... IT'S THE NEW MODERN OFFENSE

   CHECK OUT  Brigham Young using the DW on goal line VS Utah for a walk in TD. WE can't keep anything sacred can we?



A Letter to the Headmaster:

"I have to share a letter written to my Principal at NGA written by a relative of a player who happened to make our State Championship Game. These are the rewards outside of the ring that we never expect nor seek, but it's wonderful and quite rewarding when it happens, and reassures us coaches that occasionally, we may be doing something right". I give the credit to the great kids I had the privilege to coach there at Nathanael Greene Academy.

Dear Jim, (Headmaster NGA),
The evening of Friday 11-19-2004 is an experience I will never forget and one that I will always cherish. It was a thrill and a pleasure to be on the sidelines with my family, old friends, new friends, and those determined Patriot football players.  I have had a career in orthopedic surgery in sports medicine that includes 35 years on the sidelines with teams under my care in Virginia and Dalton, GA. 32 of those years have involved being the Team Physician for the Dalton High Catamounts.  That allowed me to witness first hand, numerous exciting regular season games, playoff games, 2 trips to the GEORGIA DOME, and 4 state championship games with the Dalton Catamounts. This exposure has resulted in my taking care of  athletes from close to 25 high schools in Northwest and North Central Georgia. Some of these I treated after they made it to college teams and even to the NFL. During my training in orthopedic surgery at the U of Virginia, I had the opportunity to be the Team Physician for the Roanoke Buckskins in the Atlantic Coast Football League. I have played the game and know what it feels like to hurt someone, and get hurt, physically and emotionally. 

The reason for the above diatribe is to express to you, Coach Larry Harrison, and the Patriot Football Team,  the impression made on me during my visit to Rhodes Field.  I have never been more impressed with what I saw on and off the field of play. The team gave all they had and more, and no one who saw the game could think otherwise. The fan support was incredible. The community and surrounding area turned-out in  a manner that created a championship atmosphere.  Regardless of the final score, The Nat-Greene Patriots are Champions. Their opponent had the size and the numbers, but they did not have the heart of the gutsy team from the village of Siloam.   I have followed the Patriots all year via Coach Harrison’s website, The Herald-Journal and through calls from my family. I have bragged about the team to my Dalton friends, and after the championship game, I have bragged even more. The misty rain that fell throughout the game did not dampen the spirits of all those present, players and fans alike. Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of such a wonderful event.
Congratulations to the Patriots for their fine season, and I look forward to your having additional exciting times.

With warmest regards,
C.H.E. , M.D.




       Coach Harrison has put on clinics from Arizona to Canada, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, Texas and many in between for coaching staffs, seminars, and or entire teams. If you would be interested in having Coach Harrison clinic your staff or squad on the double Wing or Gun-Wing Offense, please see Contact Page for more...  

    D O U B L E   W I N G   A C T I O N   V I D E O S   &   D VD's ****   Seasons of 2004, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2009        ******Each of the disc have over 30 minutes of Double Wing, snap to whistle execution.

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    There are but a few of us Double Wingers among the hundreds and thousands of high school teams in the country, but our small fraternity usually make it's presence very well known!  CLICK HERE for a few examples  


                                         ACTION   ACTION   ACTION



                                                                                 A RUNNING BACK'S PARADISE


       The Double Wing is definitely a running backs paradise, but if you can throw or catch a football, It will definitely show you off as well. It puts you in a well designed and orchestrated system where you can succeed on both ends of the passing game with a very high rate of completions and an excellent yards per catch ratio.



N E W S:  (5-15-2018) Don Markham, Football Coach and Creator of the Double Wing Offense Passes at age 78. The Double Wing World has a heavy heart today in learning the passing of the legendary and beloved father of our own Double Wing Offense. He will be greatly missed, but more so, remembered for inventing of one of the most powerful offensive football schemes on the planet. Those who dare to run it, and repel the ignorant critiques of the television armchair viewer, reaps many of the benefits this offense provides. Coach Markham leaves a small but very appreciative and productive following of coaches from coast to coast that rely on his offensive scheme and philosophy. Thank you Don Markham and may God bless you and your family!  


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